A downloadable game for Windows

Gimmel Tammuz Learning Game is a really cool computer game for kids that will teach them more about the Rebbe.

Note: When you finish a level, you get your own secret code based on the name you entered at the beginning of the game. If you want the secret code to work make sure you enter your name the same way each time. Press the 'L' key at the beginning of the game to enter your secret code and skip to a later level.

To jump in the game you must always make a run up with an ARROW KEY first and then press SPACE to high jump or CTRL+SPACE to long jump.

You can send comments to uysee123@gmail.com

Made in honour of Gimmel Tammuz 5775

(This game will only work on Windows)


Gimmel Tammuz Learning Game.exe 4 MB